A Stress-Free Post Holiday Party

One of my favorite parties to throw all year is our Post Holiday Party. Held early in January, it is the perfect way to celebrate with friends without all of the hassles of traditional holiday parties. Here’s why… It’s an excuse to delay taking down holiday decorations. You spend a serious amount of time putting

A Clean Eating Kitchen Part Two: Pantry Purge

    In part two of this series, we are tackling the pantry. Even if you don’t have a pantry per se, the cabinets, cupboards, or other places where you store your room-temperature groceries are all fair game. I have found that for many clients, this takes up a large portion of the food items

A Clean Eating Kitchen Part One: Refrigerator Rehab

The new year always brings out the urge to clean up our act – step up our exercise, organize our homes, and of course, clean up our diets. Since clean eating is all about getting the highly processed, overly sweet and excessively caloric items out of our diet, it makes sense that a natural first

Try a Resolution Revolution: A New Year’s Action Plan

We all know it – resolutions are a joke! The problem is we decide on a night of champagne-filled glasses that we are finally going to do something to change our path. We give this whole process a few moments of thought and then feel frustrated come February 1 when we are nowhere closer to

Restoring Order As We End The Year

  The week between Christmas and New Year’s always gives me an insatiable need to clean. I don’t mean that after holiday travel or hosting a large group of people that I’m dying to scrub showers. I mean with an influx of gifts and several weeks of being out of my ordinary routine I long

Don’t Wait for January – Multitask for Fitness

December is the month when we exercise the least. It’s no surprise with all of the additional tasks to which we commit, the cooler weather and fewer sunlight hours that exercise takes a back seat. Compound that with the added treats we eat this time of the year and it makes sense that our interest