Product Review: Sneaky Pete Juice

One of the things I really like to do as part of this blog is product test items. This save you, my readers, the time and expense of buying and determining the health benefit of new products on the market. And, let's face it...there are new products coming out almost every minute! So, I was

Mocktail Challenge Day 40: Arnold Palmer

Yea! Day 40! I'm toasting to the last day of this challenge with an all-time favorite of mine (challenge or not) - the Arnold Palmer. This classic combination of iced tea and lemonade brings me right back to my Southern roots. Yes, it is named after the famous golfer who ordered this drink in a

Mocktail Challenge Day 28: The Cinderella

Who needs Prince Charming when you can make your own Cinderella mocktail? I'm not entirely sure where the name Cinderella came from...other than the fact that this mocktail will make you pucker! Equal parts orange juice, lemon juice and pineapple juice make this a seriously tart drink. So go ahead; whip up your own mocktail

Mocktail Challenge Day 25: Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

    Springing forward this weekend has me longing for warmer weather. This is a drink to match. If you are lucky enough to be enjoying warm, sunny weather this weekend, throw a blanket in the back yard, pack your picnic basket and fire up the blender.   Frozen Strawberry Lemonade 3 cups frozen strawberries

Mocktail Challenge Day 23: Lavender Lemonade

I was lucky enough at a Farmers' Market last Summer to stumble across lavender infused honey. It is a flavor combination that is pure heaven. So I had to take this opportunity to put it in a mocktail. What would be an even more heavenly combination? Lemons! Just a touch of the honey adds a

Mocktail Challenge Day 21: Simply Shirley

  I would be remiss if I went 40 days on mocktails without including the childhood favorite...the mother of all mocktails...the Shirley Temple. But I'm not ordering off the kiddie menu here. I still want the sophisticated feel of an adult beverage just minus the alcohol. So I'm keeping the flavor we all grew up

Mocktail Challenge Day 20: Watermelon Coconut Cooler

Day 20! Half way to my goal of 40 days! Leave me a comment if you are working the challenge too - even if the complete 40 isn't your goal. Well, it's Monday and it seems like vacation a glass, that is. This Watermelon Coconut Cooler is enough to make you hear the ocean

Mocktail Challenge Day 18: Ginger Lemonade

My son described this mocktail as a lemonade with zing and I think he summed it up well. It is a light, not overly bearing sweet drink that goes with just about any day. Keep this one in your list of go-to's. It is all around good. Ginger Lemonade 1/2 cup lemonade (I prefer Purity

Mocktail Challenge Day 17: Strawberry-Kiwi Sangria

  Sangria is a lovely mix of fruits of all varieties and wine. When we are talking mocktails, wine becomes grape juice - still from the same fruit, but a pretty different product. Regardless, I found this mocktail to be sweet and refreshing. A glass of this sangria is just as much fun as a

Mocktail Challenge Day 15: Fuzzy Navel

Day 15...are you still with me? I'm sippin' on today's mocktail as I type. The Fuzzy Navel is a classic and while it has a rather gross name, it is oh, so yummy. An even combination of orange juice and peach nectar make this drink good any time of day.