The Key to Making Changes that Stick

Everybody has their one thing. Something that when you do it, it makes other good decisions happen. That’s your keystone habit and it is the secret to unlocking a healthy life. You know those days when everything just seems to click. You are on fire! Maybe you started your day with a really healthy breakfast.

The Biggest Impact You Make on the Earth

  We all seem to be a little more environmentally-conscious these days. Even if we aren’t really doing anything to improve our carbon footprints, we at least know what one is. We’ve heard reports about ice caps melting, we’ve seen crazy weather patterns dumping feet of snow in certain areas of the country (sorry Boston),

Truthiest Truths about Living Well

I am a lucky girl. I have a wonderful family, comfortable home, amazing friends and yet I struggle with the same pull for perfectionism as many of you. Yet, my luckily life brings me harsh lessons at seemingly perfect times. This week I had the great fortune of meeting Glennon Doyle Melton, the refreshingly honest blogger

Happiness Does Your Heart Good

We finally got snow in the Portland area - I know that many of you want to throw a snowball at your computer at that statement, having suffered a brutal winter! As I was sledding with my son yesterday, I was reminded of how important it is to be happy! And not just because I

The Surprising and Most Commonly Overlooked Step for Reaching Your Goals

  I hear so many people say that they don’t make resolutions anymore because they know they will fail. Yet, I’m a firm believer in making or revising goals in January. It is a perfect time to reflect on what you really want to achieve in the upcoming year. So why do we have such

Maximizing Your Time: The Ultra Efficient Holiday Game Plan

This goes against everything I have told you about time management so far. It might even go against what I believe as a health professional. But holidays are an insanely busy time like no other, so my recommendations are like no other time during the year. Normally, I believe that to-do’s and tasks should be

The Guilt-free Way to Sensually Savor Food

  I  recently returned from the International Food Blogging Conference (IFBC) with a full tummy and a spinning mind. While my to-do list has mushroomed with ideas of all the exciting ways that I can improve this blog for you, my dear readers, I am most impressed by the fellow bloggers I met at the

  • Back to School Survival Guide

Back to School Survival Guide

Living in Oregon, my kids are lucky to have one of the later back-to-school seasons of the entire country. Yet, it is official…summer schedules of camps, relaxed meal times, and slightly lazier mornings have come to an end. While kids are joining forces in a collective “noooo”, parents are doing a little happy dance…that is

Building a Supportive Social Network

  When we think about a healthy lifestyle, we often think about eating right or being physically active. We might even consider getting enough sleep and managing our stress. These are certainly keys to a long, healthy life. Yet, having a strong network of friends and family is another key part of health that is

6 Simple Steps for Weekly Meal Planning

Meal Planning Taking the time to plan meals each week can save you so much money buying random items at the grocery and later throwing away spoiled food, time spent running out for last minute grocery items or take-out, and stress at the end of the day when you are hoping for dinner inspiration as