The Key to Making Changes that Stick

Everybody has their one thing. Something that when you do it, it makes other good decisions happen. That’s your keystone habit and it is the secret to unlocking a healthy life. You know those days when everything just seems to click. You are on fire! Maybe you started your day with a really healthy breakfast.

What’s Hot About Hot Yoga?

It’s is hot! In almost every city you can find a multitude of yoga studios; many of them are offering hot yoga. Hot yoga is basically the practice of yoga in a hot, humid room; generally between 80-95 degrees. The twist on this centuries’ old practice is intended to help warm your muscles so

  • Are Your Workouts Intense Enough to Get Results

Are Your Workouts Intense Enough to See Results?

When it comes to the secret of getting REAL results from your workout, I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news. The good news is that you can get amazing results in a short amount of time! That’s great for all of you who are time-strapped with the demands of life…that’s pretty much everyone

  • Is the Weather Making You Fat

Is the Weather Making You Fat? 10-Minute Fitness Solution

The East coast just got get hit with yet another. ruthless. winter. storm. Newscasters say this is the 15th storm this winter leaving many of you longing for the days when that grey snow melts away and you can enjoy being outdoors again. 60% of the country is dealing with snow, which means that many

21 Simple Ways to Stay Fit this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be a foodie's favorite day and a dieter's dread. It all comes down to how you look at this holiday. While significant weight gain never occurs from one meal or one day, there are several small choices we can make to curb the damage that this feast can do. I have a list

10-Minute Fitness Solutions: Full-Body Mix

A lack of time is the number one reason people give for not exercising. With the holidays upon us, the demands on our time are even greater, making getting in the necessary physical activity all the more difficult. Rather than write-off exercise until you are faced with a resolution on January 1, learn to make

Buddy Up to Maintain Exercise Motivation

We are entering some dangerous times, my friends. Not only are stores teeming with Halloween candy and other fall “treats”, but October is also the month with the lowest gym attendance of the entire year. While you can’t out-exercise a bad diet, it seems that any fitness momentum new exercisers gain over the summer months

Is Your Fitness Identity Sabatoging Your Efforts

  We all have an image or an impression of ourselves in our mind. Call it self-esteem, self-awareness, or an internal identity, but we all have it. We determine what kind of person we are - ex.” I am considerate”, “I am shy”, “I am a social butterfly”. We have assumptions about our appearance -

Bust through Barriers to Exercise

We all know of the multitude of benefits from exercise and yet on a day-to-day basis, it can be a challenge to get in the recommended 150 minutes of moderate activity we are supposed to get each week (in case you didn’t do the math – that’s 30 minutes 5 days a week). And that

5 Tips for Banishing Your Belly Bloat

With July 4th holiday past us, we are officially in the heart of summer. Warmer weather means less clothing and a whole new level of evaluating our physical selves. You can't quite hide those less-than-flattering areas in the same way, so the self-deprecation begins. While we are all very quick to pinpoint areas of our bodies that