Hi! I’m Brenda Burdette, a Registered Dietitian, Certified Wellness Coordinator and Coach and a mom. I have worked in all aspects of nutrition and health for nearly two decades. More importantly, I have a genuine curiosity and a passion for health.  

I started this site because I am frustrated – like you – with all of the scammy half-truths and unrealistic promises of health. There seem to be an endless number of programs and plans that convince you to follow ridiculous diets, barbaric exercise routines and awkward mind-body practices with little to no science to support them. While you know they sound crazy, you’ve tried everything else… so why not give crazy a go? What results is frustration and feelings of failure. It’s not your fault!

I’m here to sort through all of the health information, gadgets and products to find what will truly bring health and happiness. I would love to share my discoveries with you. It’s time to simplify the truth!

We all have a desire to live our ultimate, best lives. We want to be energetic, balanced, valued, and utmost – happy. I believe that we can have this life through simple, daily choices. Sometimes, we just need reminders or tips on how to make that true in our current realities. Life should be enjoyed! Let me show you how.

Got a question, comment or idea? Don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d love to hear from you.

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This site is intended to give you useful information to help live a better life. I’m not your traditional blogger – posting my thoughts daily to increase traffic or site ratings. I want the tools and products I create to be thoughtful, quality information that is going to be worth your time. We are all busy, so I value the time you spend here…and I take any posts, tweets and other referrals as a complete compliment. Thank you for every comment, suggestion and recommendation you leave. You give me inspiration, so keep the communication coming! I do my very best to answer to every one.

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