The Key to Health and Wellness is Simplicity

This is the time of year that every television network features their wrap up shows of 2013; a recap of news-making events, famous people who have passed on, and inventions/discoveries that will change our future. It is also the time that people predict trends for the upcoming year.

Well, here is my prediction for 2014. I believe that 2014 will be the year of Simplicity or getting back to basics.

Over the past year, more and more people have begun to question where their food is grown, what it is really made of, and how certain ingredients affect our health long term. Food companies are beginning to take note, advertising a return to simplified ingredient lists. Commonly used ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup and GMO’s are beginning to be voluntarily removed by companies due to the pressure from consumers. Remember, you vote with your dollar every time you shop!

Non-food companies have taken a cue from the simplicity movement too. A perfect example is the FDA’s recent inquiry over the benefit and long-term effect of antibacterial soap. Do the added ingredients really work better than good old soap and hot water at killing germs and what is the long-term effect of having SO many antibacterial products in our world?

Whether it is soap or food, we are starting to wake up to the notion that the things we use and ingest everyday need more thought. It is easy to look for the convenience of products, the “quick fix” that items promise and the solutions we’ve been sold.

To be sure, life will not become simplified overnight. We will still have more emails than we can comfortably read and respond to in a day, more things on the to-do list than we will likely accomplish and no matter what goals we are aspiring to, there will likely be an app for that; but there are certain areas of life for which we are stopping to take a long, hard look and choosing to simplify.

I personally am THRILLED about this trend. I have always said that the key to wellness is simplicity. Not to say that achieving wellness is easy, but that living well is about simple things – eating whole foods with limited ingredients, limited processing and less additives; and finding ways to be more active throughout our entire day. It’s about drinking water. It’s about balancing work and play, including rest and relaxation. It’s about restoring basic sleeping routines and rhythms to rise with the sun and not fall asleep with electronics. It’s about connecting with people in real conversation, not just through posts and tweets. It’s about paying attention to what gives us energy and happiness and what drains us.

That is the secret to wellness and I’m excited that 2014 gives hope for a return to simplicity.

If you need help finding wellness and restoring simplicity in your life, I’m here to help. Sometimes the only thing standing in your way of true success is finding someone who believes in you and can show you the steps to make wellness real in your life. Don’t let 2014 be another year of missed opportunity. If you are ready to simplify, find sustainable energy and realistic balance, sign up for my personal health coaching. To find out more, click here.
photo credit: Claudio.Ar via photopin cc

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  1. So well said! It’s a good start, but we need to do more. We’ve been advocating for years about how the food we have been eating is an “empty harvest,”meaning we are building up toxicities in our bodies from introducing toxic chemicals into the food (be it with pesticides or in the processing), while stripping our foods of nutrients.

    Achieving wellness isn’t easy for one person, let alone getting the nation to follow suit, but we can do it, one step at a time!

    • Thanks so much for the comment, Samantha! I’m excited about the thoughtful “pause” we have around conventional farming practices, but we need to base requests on sound science. I think we are making progress when a brand like Cheerios is choosing to be GMO-free without government regulation forcing their hand. Consumers are making a difference; it just sometimes takes time when it is such an ingrained part of the way we live. Keep advocating for health!