Fall is upon us and holidays just around the corner. It can be a really challenging time of year for your health. Colder weather might make it more difficult to find the motivation to exercise. Tempting holiday foods are all around us starting with Halloween and continuing through New Year's Day.
Don't hibernate like a bear...live WELL! Challenge yourself to get in just 10 or 15 minutes of exercise every day - even on those days when you feel consumed by extra holiday tasks. It will help you to think better, sleep better, and be motivated to make better food choices. Check out the Fall 15 workout I have created with tight time schedules in mind.
As for food choices around the holidays, you don't have to miss out on your annual favorites or feel deprived in order to make good choices. Check out the Principles to Practice post that shows you realistic ways to make smart choices and STILL enjoy those nostalgic foods you love.
Living well means being happy, after all. Feeling deprived or miserable at holiday functions is no way to celebrate this time of year. Stick with me...I'll tell you all of my holiday secrets. And as an early peek into the New Year, I've got some AMAZING programs and resources in the works that will help you maximize your energy, joy and strength. I promise, it will be something to celebrate! Until the big reveal...be well!